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Take away ideas for blending corrective exercise techniques into fun and engaging aquafit choreography and activities.  This workout targets cognitive abilities, gait, endurance, balance and more.


What is a BioExercise class? Each 30-60 minute class is purposely designed with a balance of repetition and variation. Every class includes exercises that train the body for real world activities. Reach, squat, walk, bend and lift to be stronger and more mobile for any direction that life takes. Brain boosting activities stimulate new thinking, problem solving and other cerebral functions. Injury and fall prevention, pain elimination and having the strength and mobility to do more of what you enjoy most is what BioExercise is all about. The mind-body approach makes BioExercise especially beneficial for people over 50.

BioExercise – Challenge The Balance, was filmed as an original Fitmotivation production in order to give you a glimpse into how BioExercise works.

VIDEO AT A GLANCE – 4 SEGMENTS Special thanks to Marlies Schellen-de Jong for her impeccable role as student

MUSIC: 124 bpm – courtesy of Muscle Mixes Music

Segment 1: Warm-Up This segment is designed to help participants develop better mind-body connection with movement patterns that enhance kinesthetic sense, also known as muscle memory. For example, different arm patterns are introduced while performing a consistent leg action, such as a cross-country ski. The repetition of the arm pattern builds confidence and then the leg action is changed to challenge motor skills and muscle memory.

Segment 2: Cognitive This segment is all about building movement awareness by putting a focus on the mental integration. As the conditioning part of the program unfolds, Katrien demonstrates how to add-on activities for the mind using tri-plane movement to develop muscle balance while enhancing mind-body connections. In this portion, participants are also simplistically taught and encouraged to self-monitor intensity, targeting 60-70% of maximum heart rate on the Borg scale.

Segment 3: Physical
With brains fine tuned and now fully engaged in the workout, purposeful movement is now introduced to target endurance, gait and balance. Laurie educates the science behind the physical exercises so that you understand why each exercise was selected and how it helps to improve movement for everyday activities.

Segment: Warm-Down With movements inspired by Ai Chi, Laurie leads Katrien and Marlies through a segment of dynamic flexibility that ebbs and flows with one final adieu of purposeful movement and functionality.

Totale videoduur: 50 minuten

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